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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to protecting all personal information received from customers using this website (domain: []).
We obey all personal information protection laws and guidelines, and have established the following privacy policy.

(1) Customers' Personal Information

We do not normally collect personal information from customers when they use this website.
However, when customers use the "Inquiry" or "Employment Information" services of this website, we may collect customer personal information such as customer names and addresses, to the extent that doing so is necessary.

(2) Usage of Personal Information

We use the personal information collected from customers using this site in the following ways. "Inquiry" Service: Contacting customer with a response to their inquiry "Employment Information" Service: Contacting customer with a response to their application In the event that customer personal information must be used in a manner that exceeds those stipulated above, we will notify the customer of this in advance, and will only use said personal information with the customer's consent.

(3) Disclosure or Supplying of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not disclose or supply customer personal information to third parties except for in the following cases.

  1. The customer has given their consent.
  2. We are legally required to do so.
  3. We must disclose the minimum amount of information necessary to subcontractors to satisfy the objectives of the use of the personal information.
  4. We determine, based on inquiry contents, that it would be more appropriate if a response were provided by one of our associates or agents.
  5. Our business operations are succeeded as a result of mergers, company division, transfer of operations, or the like.

(4) Protection and Management of Personal Information

We strive to protect and manage personal information received from customers in order to ensure that it is not leaked. We may consign the handling of personal information to external companies, to the extent necessary to satisfy the objectives of the use of the personal information.
When this is the case, we also strive to protect and manage personal information to prevent its leakage, as well as carrying out appropriate management.
We also protect personal information by implementing computer security in order to prevent unauthorized access by external parties.

(5) Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

When requested to do so by the person to whom personal information pertains, we will disclose, correct, or delete said personal information in accordance with our own defined procedures.

(6) Usage of Cookies*1and IP Addresses*2

We may use cookies and IP addresses for the following purposes.

  1. In order to identify the causes of problems affecting our web server, and resolve said problems
  2. In order to improve our website and e-mail, etc. contents in order to better satisfy our customers
  3. In order to customize our website and e-mail, etc. contents, in alignment with how individual customers use them
  4. For statistical materials, in a form in which no individuals can be identified

*1 Cookies are objects used to exchange information such as access histories between customer web browsers and web servers in order to engage in efficient Internet operation.
*2 IP addresses are numbers assigned to devices in order to be able to identify recipients when transferring data between computers.

(7) Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Please contact our website administration department with any inquiries regarding your own personal information.
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